Yes, all asap skin products are gluten free.

Yes, asap skin products are Vegan.

No, asap skin products do not test on animals and do not employ a third party to conduct animal testing.

asap skin products are proudly developed and made in Australia.

No, plastic microbeads are not contained in any asap skin product.

asap skin products and asap pure mineral makeup, are only available from authorised asap stockists.

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No, asap skin products are only available from authorised asap stockists and cannot be purchased directly from asap.

There has been some debate regarding the use of topical Vitamin A during pregnancy. Whilst there have been no proven studies to demonstrate that topical application of Vitamin A poses a risk during pregnancy, as a precaution, asap skin products recommend the avoidance of products containing Vitamin A for the duration of your pregnancy. Vitamin A is present in asap’s super A+ serum. All other asap skin products are suitable to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Your asap place of purchase, should be your first point of contact should you have any questions or experience a response or fault with a product.

asap always recommend seeing a trained asap skincare professional for a complete skin analysis and product recommendation. An asap skincare professional will be able to assist you with correct product application, monitor your progress and assist you with any questions that you may have.

When introducing professional strength products, including glycolic products, it is not uncommon to experience a slight, initial response. This can include dryness, flakiness and tightness. This is due to skin reducing the thickness of the Stratum Corneum (dead skin layer) and will generally settle within a few weeks resulting in the appearance of beautiful, translucent skin. You asap skincare professional will be able to assist you during this transition.

asap skin products have an expiry date of 24 months once opened, with the exception of super C serum, which has an expiry date of 12 months from date of opening.

Cosmeceuticals are scientifically produced products, which contain biologically active ingredients that have proven, clinical benefits. When applied topically, these active ingredients are able to reach the deeper dermal layers of skin, to achieve noticeable changes in the skin. Changes can include reducing acne severity, increasing skin hydration, diminishing the appearance of ageing and sun damage to promote a healthy, radiant complexion.

Whilst asap skin products do contain some naturally sourced ingredients, asap’s focus is to provide effective skincare solutions and make no claim to be ‘natural products’. All asap ingredients are NICNAS approved and have been safely used for many years.

The active ingredients in asap’s skin care products have been scientifically tested and proven to produce impressive, fast-acting visible results. Drawing on a range of active ingredients including AHAs, BHAs, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and antioxidants, our active ingredients promote younger, fresher, healthier looking skin.

asap skin products do not contain:

Mineral oil
Plastic microbeads
Harsh detergents
Synthetic fragrances
Synthetic dyes
Palm Oil
Animal derivatives

No, asap skin products do not contain synthetic fragrances.

Limit initial evening application of super A+ serum to once or twice weekly and gradually increase usage as tolerated to daily or alternate day use. Application of super A+ serum and radiance serum is recommended on alternate nights.

If you experience redness or flaking please cease application and re commence in 2 weeks with one application per week and slowly increase with the skin’s tolerance.

asap use Micronised Zinc Oxide in the Moisturising Daily Defence SPF50+, to protect skin against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays.